Facility Purpose

Today more and more intellectually disabled consumers are requesting to enter or re-enter the workforce, but lack appropriate work skills to attain or maintain employment. Based upon the current high level of unemployment, there is an overwhelming need to prepare these consumers to be competitive for the few job opportunities that may be available to them in the community.

More than 80% of adult individuals did not receive employment preparation training in high school, in other adult services programs, or prior to being placed by an employment service program. Many consumers have lost the first job or several other job placements because they did not receive these types of services.

The Positive Belief Motivates Confidence (PBMC) “Job Seeking & Retention Training” program is designed to address the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities who reside in the Antelope Valley that have expressed a desire to receive work related preparation services to help them enter or re-enter the world of work.

No other social service program in the Antelope Valley offers this type of comprehensive training for intellectually disabled consumers. All services all designed to get the individual ready for obtaining and maintaining work in their local communities in occupations that they are interest in pursuing and is consistent with their capabilities and functional levels.

Community Volunteer:
We believe in motivating our individuals to want and achieve more independence thru our volunteer program. Individuals are encourage to volunteer out in the community, understand responsibilities of work ethics and have a meaningful life. Our individuals are trained in communication, organizational skills, money management, decision making, socialization, mild behavior management, and job preparation. Our volunteers are taught to be team players and are encourage to become independent and part of society. Thru positive belief our individuals will increase confidence to succeed.