Program Days

Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 4692, prohibits regional centers from funding work activity program, activity center, adult developmental center, behavior management program, social recreation program, adaptive skills trainer, infant development program, program support group (day service), socialization training program, client/parent support behavior intervention training program, community integration training program, community activities support service, creative arts program or for transporting consumers to the programs identified in statute on any of the following fourteen (14) holidays:

 New Year’s Day
 Mon., Jan. 2, 2017
 Martin Luther King Jr Birthday
(The 3rd Monday of January)
 Mon., Jan. 17, 2017
 Memorial Day
(The last Monday of May)
 Mon., May 29, 2017
 Independence Day
 Tues., July 4, 2017
 Labor Day
 Mon., Sept. 4, 2017
 Thurs., & Fri., Nov. 23-24, 2017

WIC, Section 4692(c ): If one of the holidays, listed above, falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the following Monday shall be deemed to be the holiday in lieu of the day observed.